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[MODPOST][Rule Change] We have changed Rule 2 to “No porn or gore” instead of “No nudity or gore”

Hey all!

Small rule change. Rule two is now “No porn or gore”

We do not want /r/pics to be /r/gonewild or /r/NSFW. So, we disallowed nudity.

This rule was great at stopping gone wild type posts. But there was an issue. With the old rule, q lot of great artistic things were being thrown out. All because of a pair of tits

We didn’t think this was Right, so we changed that to no pornography.

Gonewild type posts, nude celebs, and the like still aren’t allowed, and in the end, it’s all up to the mod that sees the post first. But hopefully, this will cut back on the good art and pictures getting removed.

You might also notice that we have stepped up our comment moderation rules a bit. So if you see harrasing comments, it never hurts to hit that report button submitted by allthefoxes
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